Whether you run a right technology partner for home care facility or you work in a healthcare organization, there are several ways that you can keep track of the activities of your patients. But how do you know which of the many software and hardware options is right for you?

AmeriCare Medical

Whether you're looking for infusion therapy specialty services, nursing services in the home or just need to dispense with the drudgery of a long-term care facility, AmeriCare Medical has got you covered. With six locations to choose from and more on the way, AmeriCare Medical is the home health care provider of choice in the Detroit area. Using AlayaCare's award-winning technology, AmeriCare can deliver a streamlined, efficient and cost effective home health care experience for both patients and caregivers.

AlayaCare's state-of-the-art technology is being utilized by more than 250 AmeriCare staff in the Detroit area. Having a system that is integrated with their proprietary care management software means AmeriCare can provide a smoother and more efficient transition of care for their patients.

Addus HomeCare Corporation

Providing an array of health care services, Addus HealthCare Inc. serves over 24,000 weekly consumers in 19 states. Its clients include private individuals, commercial insurers, state agencies and local governments.

Addus also provides in-home care, physical therapy and speech therapies. Its recent acquisitions include Queen City Hospice, Miracle City Hospice and SunLife Home Care. It is the fourth largest provider of skilled home health services in the United States. The company has 208 locations in nearly two dozen states. Its revenue has risen from $20 million in 2014 to $173 million in the first quarter of this year.

The company is actively pursuing value-based care initiatives. It recently signed a post-acute care navigation contract with Presbyterian Health Plan in New Mexico. It also plans to establish clinical services in Illinois. Addus has had some challenges with rate increases and the Illinois budget, but the company is seeing a recovery in applicant volume. It is also monitoring a red-hot M&A market.


Whether you are a small or large home care agency, AlayaCare can help you optimize your business. With a mobile app and cloud-based platform, you can provide better care, improve health outcomes, and empower your employees.

In the United States, AlayaCare is the leading provider of SaaS technology for home health and hospice agencies. The company's unique platform offers a complete client lifecycle management solution. It includes e-health services, clinical documentation, and back-office functionality. In addition, the company is a HIPPA compliant solution.

The AlayaCare Family Portal is a secure online tool that allows clients to manage their health information and medications. It also provides insight for home care executives.


Using a GrandPad tablet can help a senior stay connected with loved ones and provide caregivers with round-the-clock access to their loved one's health information. The GrandPad also offers a secure private network for seniors to share photos, videos, and emails.

GrandPad also has a secure cloud platform that allows remote engagement with older adults. It's the first purpose-built tablet for seniors. The device was designed to address the most common connectivity and usability issues.

GrandPad is easy to use. It's loaded with senior-friendly apps. You can send voice-enabled emails, play games, and engage in secure video chats. It also offers unlimited 4G LTE internet access. It comes with a stylus and soft protective case.


HCHB (Homecare Homebase) is a leading home health, hospice, and private duty solution provider. The company services over 100 million patients annually and provides cloud-based solutions for in-home care providers. The company provides solutions to meet the value-based care challenges of today's health care environment. CellTrak has long been a close partner of HCHB, working together for over a decade. The two companies have now announced a strategic partnership.

CellTrak and Homecare Homebase will build an integrated enterprise-level solution for all types of home care. The technology will provide agencies with a single platform to capture, manage, and record patient information. This technology will also help agencies meet the value-based care challenges of today's healthcare environment.

Skyward Health

Despite being a spinoff from two health home agencies, Skyward has actually made the grade, resulting in the biggest lead health home in the state. Skyward's mission is to provide its members with quality health care while ensuring no interruptions in services. Its business model is to improve health engagement and optimize clinical outcomes. Among other things, Skyward boasts a network of 60 care management organizations across 15 New York counties.

The health home business model also includes a number of ancillary services such as billing, quality management and compliance oversight. In short, the model will save the state a bundle while ensuring a high level of service for all its members.